Multi-Generational Family Corporation Dispute and Reorganization

Representation of a large, multi-generational family corporation in a family dispute, resulting in redemption of family shareholders and establishing a tax-free reorganization to shift the disputing family members into separate organizations. 

Estate Tax Return Audits

Representation of numerous estates in connection with audits of their estate tax returns and settlement of complex issues regarding partnerships, limited liability companies, and applicable discounts.

Sale of Physician Groups to Publicly Traded Companies

Representation of numerous physician groups in the sale of their practices to publicly traded companies and hospitals.

Corporate Contracts for Medical Groups

Representation of numerous medical groups in connection with employment, outsourcing, and vendor contracts with hospitals and medical personnel, including radiologists, pathologists, and emergency room physicians.

Manufacturing Firm Allocation of Purchase Price to Intellectual Property

Representation of a large, out-of-state family manufacturing firm acquired by a publicly traded corporation involving allocation of purchase price to goodwill and intellectual property.

Estate Tax Planning to Protect Retirement Funds

Representation of numerous clients with large retirement plan accumulations; plan for the distribution of retirement assets to minimize taxes and increase creditor protection for their children and grandchildren.

Acquisition of a $15 Million Car Dealership

Representation in the acquisition of a $15 million South Florida car dealership that involved complex tax allocation and real estate issues.

Estate Tax Consequences for Beneficiaries of Non-U.S. Citizen

Representation of beneficiaries of a non-U.S. citizen’s domestic estate involving cross-border tax consequences, including foreign trust issues.