Governmental Litigation

Our Governmental Litigation Team has had long-standing relationships with various governmental entities, including most significantly a number of municipalities throughout South Florida, providing highly effective legal counsel in a wide variety of complex federal, state, and administrative law, quasi-judicial and arbitration proceedings and matters.

Our attorneys have represented counties, municipalities, and Special Districts. They have been appointed by a number of municipalities as their Attorney, Special Counsel, and Code Enforcement Special Magistrates, and additionally as a Special Master/Mediator in property rights cases. Our cross-practice team of attorneys brings a significant depth of knowledge in municipal law combined with extensive litigation experience to efficiently and effectively resolve disputes, and when necessary, litigate to successful conclusion or settlement matters that arise from all aspects of the operation of municipalities.

We counsel governmental clients at every stage of litigation, both before and after the filing of claims. We have substantial experience in areas of law including civil rights, the constitutionality of laws, ordinances, policies, rules, and regulations, and have represented clients in matters of employment, construction, utilities, land use, zoning and comprehensive plans, code enforcement actions, citizen taxpayer suits, election laws and challenges, disputes involving property rights public records and the Florida Sunshine Law.

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