Veteran’s Spouse Deemed Eligible for Government Benefits

Representation of a veteran’s widow to obtain government benefits. Eligibility for Medicaid and a VA Widows Pension were established, allowing the individual to supplement her living expenses with government benefit funds received from both Medicaid and the VA at an assisted living facility while protecting and preserving assets.

Assets Preserved, Medicaid Benefits Obtained for Long-Term Care

Representation of an elderly individual to obtain Medicaid. Nursing home expenses totaled $8,000 per month, however, factors involving a disabled child allowed for protection and preservation of assets without creating ineligibility or penalties.

Estate Planning Tools Utilized to Avoid Interstate Probate

Representation of a married couple seeking to avoid probate in multiple states with multi-property ownership and substantial liquid assets. A revocable living trust was created to allow them control of their monies during their lifetime but upon death, a transfer of assets to a trust eliminated multiple probate proceedings in different states. 

Asset Transfer Allows Couple Eligibility for Medicaid Benefits

Representation of a married couple paying $9,000 per month for nursing home care. Assets were protected between the husband and wife in order to establish Medicaid eligibility.

VA Benefits Obtained for Disabled Veteran

Representation of a disabled veteran living at home alone, unable to afford the required daily assistance with activities of daily living, including medication management and bathing. Strategies were employed to establish eligibility for monthly VA benefits to cover home care/health aid expenses.