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Invest: Palm Beach Q&A with Chairman Larry Alexander

“Our strength is knowing the community inside and out because we have been here for 98 years, working alongside those who helped shape Palm Beach County. Over that time, we have developed trust and meaningful long-term relationships throughout the community, helping us to thrive and withstand competition.”

Larry B. Alexander Jones Foster Chairman and Real Estate Shareholder

Jones Foster Chairman and Board Certified Real Estate attorney Larry B. Alexander was among business and political leaders interviewed by Invest: Palm Beach magazine for its 2022-2023 edition, which focuses on the Palm Beach County economy and key issues facing the region.

What have been the primary highlights for Jones Foster over the past year?

I think the exceptional growth we have experienced over the past 14 months is notable. We have recruited 10 talented attorneys ranging from recent law school graduates to shareholders, plus several staff members. Our current and anticipated areas of growth include real estate, land use, trusts and estates, tax, commercial litigation, and probate litigation. The new additions to our team enable us to put resources in the right places to accommodate our clients’ current and future needs.

We took on a full renovation of the West Palm Beach office which was completed last year. The timing worked out well for us and everyone was able to return after the height of the pandemic to new offices and workspaces that were brighter, more modern, and more functional for clients in terms of layout and technology improvements.

What would Palm Beach County be missing if Jones Foster wasn’t in this market?

The community would be missing a law firm with nearly a century of experience and a deep knowledge of its history, its evolution, and its people. There is significant value in any company or firm that has been serving a region for generations because that collective experience provides a unique insight into the market that cannot be acquired any other way. Most of our senior attorneys have been with Jones Foster for decades and many for their entire careers. I believe that the consistency in service, the scope of relationships, and the knowledge of the market they can provide their clients, as a result, is a real differentiator.

How have the dynamics in communicating with clients shifted since the pandemic?

Most of our attorneys enjoy the flexibility to work remotely but our culture here is very collaborative and we find that in-person meetings and daily interactions with colleagues and staff provide value. That said, we have become accustomed to meetings, interviews, and hearings taking place through Zoom. We recently participated in one where a court reporter was in Orlando while we were in Palm Beach, which was something new. Also, Florida’s online notary program has been beneficial because if a client needs a document notarized, it can be handled via Zoom. No wet signatures are needed, and it has been a very efficient way to handle real estate transactions. This was implemented only a few years ago and is starting to be picked up by more states.

What major trends in real estate could impact your clients over the next year?

New construction of office buildings is underway, especially downtown, and multifamily buildings are being built in the northern area of West Palm Beach which had been barren of new construction for a long time. One of the challenges will be the new condominium inspection program for buildings over three stories high which will have a significant impact on condominiums and their owners. In addition, there may be difficulty in finding enough engineers to work on this because there is so much demand.

What is your outlook for Jones Foster over the next two to three years?

I think that factors influencing the migration to South Florida – the weather, the lifestyle, and the favorable business and tax laws will continue to drive a steady influx of companies of all sizes across many industry sectors. As a result, there will be a strong demand by businesses, individuals, and families relocating from other states for legal services relating to tax planning, estate planning, contract drafting, employment policies, permitting and zoning, and real estate acquisitions or dispositions.

Beyond our day-to-day practices, we are looking forward to ramping up our community involvement program, JF Impact, now that in-person events are possible again. The program supports several local non-profits each year and provides the opportunity for staff and attorneys to attend fundraising events as a team and participate in volunteer days. It’s a way to bring everyone together for a meaningful purpose, to be of service to the community, and build stronger relationships both inside and outside the firm.

This article has been reprinted with permission of Capital Analytics Associates, publisher of Invest: Palm Beach 2022-2023.

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