Our founding partners inspired a legacy of legal service and community leadership that continues to prevail. We are committed to remaining true to our foundation. We are committed to traditional values of professional excellence. We are committed to thriving as attorneys, as people, and as a Firm.

Jones Foster is built on authentic relationships, and for us, that starts from within.

By sharing our collective knowledge, experience, and expertise, our openness and integrity allows us to solve problems quicker, support our clients more thoroughly, and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with everyone we work with. Jones Foster’s unique mix of empathy and professional insight gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to continually evolve, always moving forward together with our clients, colleagues, and community.

Jones Foster’s culture speaks to who we are as a Firm.

By providing our people with the critical resources and indispensable support to flourish in a rapidly evolving business market, we enable growth. In doing so, we pave the way for value to both our clients and community.