Invalidated Purported Last Will and Testament Due to Undue Influence 
Representation of testator’s children at trial and in appellate proceedings, whereby the purported last will and testament was successfully invalidated on grounds of testator’s incapacity and undue influence exerted by testator’s surviving spouse.

Corporately Held Real Estate Ownership Dispute 
Representation of successor trustee in appellate proceedings before the Fourth District Court of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court in trust litigation concerning the ownership of $1.5 million of corporately held real estate.

Breach of Trust Litigation Concerning Administration of Trust 
Representation of corporate trustee in breach of trust litigation concerning the administration of trust in excess of $100 million in assets.

Interim Trustee for Trusts Totaling $30 Million in Assets 
Appointed as special fiduciary to serve as interim trustee for 9 separate trusts totaling $30 million in assets.

Successful Defense Against Objections to Petition of Discharge 
Successful defense of personal representative against objections to their petition for discharge, final accounting, and plan of distribution, including obtaining a judgment of fees and costs in excess of $250,000.

Will Contest Involving Ademption 
Representation of guardian in a will contest involving ademption of a specific devise.

Contested Guardianship Incapacity Proceedings 
Representation in numerous contested guardianship proceedings concerning issues of incapacity and the appointment of guardians.

Successful Defense of Multi-Million Creditor Claim 
Successful defense of personal representative against a multi-million creditor claim.

Successful Defense of Claims of Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Duty 
Successful defense of testator’s daughter and attorney in fact at trial and in appellate proceedings against claims of breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duty associated with the administration of the testator’s multi-million dollar revocable trust. 

Successful Defense of Validity of Last Will and Testament 
Representation of personal representative in successfully defending the validity of the decedent's Last Will and Testament against claims of undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity.