Commercial Litigation

High Tech Start-Up and Automation Conglomerate Data Transmission Dispute
Representation of telecommunications start-up and principals against international automation conglomerate in a multibillion-dollar claim involving multiple technology issues related to data transmission.

Trade Secrets Multimillion-Dollar Claim
Representation of multiple power generation start-ups and various personnel involving a multimillion-dollar claim of alleged misappropriation of trade secrets, including issues associated with the national transmission grid.

Injunctive Relief in Trade Secrets Matter
Successfully obtained temporary injunctive relief for a staffing agency in misappropriation of trade secrets matter.

Defense of Former Officers of a Florida Utility Company
Representation of former officers of a Florida utility company in action for breach of fiduciary duties, tortious interference, misappropriation/theft of trade secrets, unfair competition, and commercial bribery.

High-Tech Start-Up Billion Dollar Dispute
Representation of principals of a high-tech start-up company in a billion-dollar dispute over alleged theft of trade secrets and breaches of fiduciary duties.

Multimillion-Dollar Dispute Over Royalties of Dietary Supplement
Representation of developers of dietary supplements in federal court and before the American Arbitration Association in a multimillion-dollar dispute over royalties against international dietary supplement retailer.

Trademark Infringement Actions
Handled multiple trademark infringement actions relative to the marine industry and the eyewear industry.

Local Counsel Prevailed in Jury Trial Before Southern District Court
Representation of a national manufacturer of electric motors in IP matters concerning unpaid royalties, patent infringement, and the misappropriation of trade secrets by an internationally recognized furniture brand.

Local Counsel in National IP Litigation Case
Representation of medical products manufacturing company in a patent infringement case involving medical device technology. Case proceeded in the Southern District Court before a global settlement was reached.

Local Counsel in Securities Fraud Lawsuit
Representation of publicly held company providing specialty contracting services to the telecommunications and infrastructure industry in putative class action under federal securities laws.

Expert Witness

  • Expert on the subject of legal duty of care.
  • Expert regarding attorneys fees in the context of prevailing party determination (litigation, arbitration, "fees for fees".)
  • Expert in the determination of legal fees as primary damages.
  • Expert in the determination of legal fees as sanctions.

Fees Counsel

Fees Counsel Representing Municipality in Extended Litigation
Representation of municipality in Sears v. City of Palm Beach Gardens in extended litigation associated with substantial claim to prevailing party attorney fees arising from underlying land use dispute.

Attorney's fee expert accepted by courts in multiple state and federal matters.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation of Multi-Agency Dispute
Handled environmental and land use dispute involving ERM permitting. Multiple environmental agencies, a large residential condominium complex, and a marina facility were parties in the matter.

Resolution of Multiple Lawsuits through Consolidated Mediation
Resolution of 4 separate lawsuits through consolidated mediation with prominent landowner & developer, government body, and a condominium complex, involving issues of land use, property rights, and condominium rights.

Dissolution of Medical Practice
Successfully mediated dissolution of medical practice with complex valuation issues and culminating in a buyout.

Chair of Arbitration Panel in multiday arbitration regarding real estate, long-term lease, and multiuse facility.

Governmental & Municipal

Municipality Dispute Regarding Scope of a Service Territory
Representation of municipality in a dispute over the scope of a service territory for the delivery of potable water service.

Permit Challenge Regarding Surficial Wells
Representation of municipality challenging permits and installation of surficial wells.

Municipality Dispute with Public Environmental Control District
Representation of municipality in a multimillion-dollar case against a public environmental control district over the installation of certain utility services.

Municipality Dispute Regarding Provision of Potable Water
Representation of municipality in a dispute over the application and construction of a long-term bulk sale agreement for the provision of potable water.

Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning

Real Estate Developer Land Use & Zoning Dispute Resolution 
Representation of real estate developer in numerous disputes with governmental bodies, including approval denials, permit denials, resulting appeals, and negotiated resolutions to the foregoing.

Real Estate Developer Multi-Layered Land Use Negotiations
Representation of real estate developer in multi-layered negotiating strategies with various governmental bodies associated with particular land use approvals.

Eminent Domain Disputes
Representation of landowners in numerous eminent domain disputes with various governmental bodies.

Contested Orders of Taking
Representation of private landowner in successfully contested orders of taking.

Successful Resolution of Development Rights Disputes
Successful representation of real estate developer in development rights issues, including governmental acquisition interference, challenges to building moratoriums, and government approval denials.

Administrative and Regulatory Challenges

Litigation experience includes federal and state law claims and administrative law challenges, as well as the resolution of regulatory disputes involving environmental agencies at all levels:

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
South Florida Water Management District
Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management
Dade and Broward County Environmental Review Agencies
Florida Ethics Commission
U.S. EPA - Federal Debarment Proceedings – alleged Clean Water Act Violations
State of Florida Department of Labor
State of Florida Department of Community Affairs
Palm Beach County Health Department
State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection