Vincent E. Jay Foundation Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Checklist

_ Completed signed scholarship application (Click here to download application)

_ Essays as described in application (NOTE: Essay on 10 Core Values not required if already submitted with application in past years, only updated personal statement described in item (2) required)

_ Parent’s IRS Form 1040 (Pages 1 and 2 AND Schedule A only) and your own IRS Form 1040 (Pages 1 and 2 AND Schedule A only)

_ Official School Transcript

_ Two letters of recommendation (NOT REQUIRED for past award recipients if submitted with original application)

_ Personal Resume

To be eligible for consideration, all applicants must submit a complete package by May 1 of each year to the:

The Vincent E. Jay Foundation, Inc.
Attention: Louise M. Fisher
P.O. Box 3475
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3475