Residency, Estate, and Retirement Planning for New York Entrepreneur
Representation of investor and entrepreneur in estate planning and change of residency. Handled complex retirement planning as a result of significant retirement assets and assisted in navigating the transition of residency from New York to Florida.

Complex Estate Planning for Publicly Held Company Executive
Representation of publicly held company executive in complex estate planning. Developed a plan to effectively navigate the intricacies of client’s professional role in addition to difficult assets such as stock options and restricted stock.

Estate and Foundation Planning
Provided counsel to high-net-worth individual on unique matters, including significant art collection.  Worked with family regarding foundation planning for the next generation.

Estate Administration with Cross-Border Assets, Family Office
Representation of high-net-worth individual in estate administration following the death of spouse. Worked with family office to efficiently manage numerous corporate partnerships, joint ventures, and assets in multiple domestic and international jurisdictions.

Multigenerational and Multijurisdictional Family Planning, Family Office
Representation of 3 generations of family in estate, residency, and tax planning involving assets in multiple jurisdictions, in addition to advising and structuring deals within family office to preserve family wealth and facilitate succession to subsequent generations.

Personal Representative to Former Executive
Representation of former executive of publicly-held company as a personal representative in a sophisticated estate, in addition to engaging in residency and philanthropic planning for the client.

Fiduciary Services and IRS Audit of Estate Tax Return
Appointment as trustee and personal representative of the trust/estate of high-net-worth, New York-based individual during IRS and New York audit of estate tax return. Involved in management of operating entity.

Extended Family Beneficiaries
Representation of New York-based corporate executive retiring to Florida. Handled estate and residency planning, including various complexities involved with extensive real estate assets in multiple jurisdictions and extended family members as beneficiaries of estate.